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1973 Yamaha DT-3 250 Enduro

Here is a bike that is getting harder to find. This is a show and go bike. Original parts were rechromed, and replated. Bike has original wheels, spokes and nipples, handlebars, fenders, tank, mirror, shocks, exhaust, and most all else. Original engine was totally rebuilt with new rod kit, piston, bearings, seals, and gaskets. Fuel and oil tank were stripped, and repainted correct Competition Green. All new OEM cables. Correct original Mikuni carb, rebuilt. These Enduros are continuing to go up in value. If you want a bike you can ride, and take to the shows, this would be a good one for that.

1971 Suzuki TM-400 Vintage Motorcycle Restoration (SOLD)

Here is a premium example of the highly desirous, and rare original “widowmaker”. With a claimed 40 hp, and marginal suspension, these bikes were somewhat lethal. Most of them were wrecked. This bike is from California, and is a matching numbers beauty. Bike was stripped to bare frame and repainted the correct satin black. Original shocks were rechromed, and springs stripped and refinished. Original forks were rebuilt and cosmetically made perfect. If you have seen these bikes in pictures before, you know how hard it is to find the original exhaust, in showroom condition, with no dents. Well you now have seen one. The original exhaust was completely refinished, to eliminate all imperfections. The minimal amount of chrome objects were all redone. Original fuel tank, was stripped, dents removed, and repainted correct “Chrome Orange”, with the correct stripes. Stripes on the 71’s stopped before the rear seat, as you see in the pictures. I have seen a supposed top end 71, that had the stripes wrapped around the rear of the tank, which is incorrect. Engine was disassembled and rebuilt. Oil injection is in place, and will be totally functional. Original carburetor, received a complete restoration. Original Akront rims were polished, and shod with new reproduction vintage rubber. Bike has tremendous compression, and spark. It will run, if the new owner so chooses, but is sold as a show bike, and will not be started. If you are interested in owning one of the best 71 TM-400’s there is, give me a call.

1974 Bultaco 121 360 Pursang Jim Pomeroy replica (SOLD)

Another one rescued from the crusher.  This was the last year for the right side shifter.    This bike had been sitting a long time in the Southwest, and needed everything, but was pretty complete.  A new expansion chamber had to be fabricated to replace the rusted out and smashed in original.  Almost 100 hours went into buffing and polishing all aluminum.  All original fasteners were sent out for replating, as well as all chrome.  Original fiberglass tank was stripped, repaired, re gel coated, primed and painted along with painted stripes.  Original side covers were also stripped, refinished and repainted.  The original Telesco rear shocks were disassembled.  The pistons were rechromed, and then reassembled with all new seals and cosmetically restored.  Engine was fitted with new Wiseco piston and rings.  All new bearings and seals in engine.  And yes the tires are correct NOS Pirelli’s from the 70’s in perfect condition.   Engine and frame numbers match.  DSC05197DSC05188DSC05189DSC05191DSC05192DSC05193DSC05194DSC05195DSC05198DSC05199DSC05200DSC05201DSC05202DSC05203DSC05204DSC05205DSC05206DSC05207DSC05210DSC05211DSC04971DSC04966  I think one will be hard pressed to find a more correct and meticulously restored 121 as this.