Our Projects

We have completed an array of restoration projects. Below are a sample of our projects that we have completed to give you an idea of what can be accomplished. To add yours to our growing number of projects, contact us today!

1975 Kawasaki H1F 500

The H1 is finally completed! 1975 Kawasaki H1F 500 –

Here is a pretty rough one, that was sitting in a storage unit for quite awhile. Follow along as I restore this one back to it’s former glory. It came with the very desirable Sky Blue paint, all though some one had sprayed almost the entire bike with flat black paint. A clear Wisconsin title has already been obtained, and component rebuilding started. I will post pictures, as things move along.

Here are pictures showing start to finish of the restoration of a trim piece for the seat. Basic metal working tools were used with one homemade tool to correct the channel imperfections.


50cc Montgomery Ward

A customer brought this bike in for engine work. These are very interesting mini bikes. The large fuel tank, makes it look bigger than it really is. Bennelli  made these motorcycles for MW. Bennelli marketed the bike themselves also, and called it the 50cc Racer model. When I was a teen, you could order this bike right out of the Montgomery Ward catalog. It would be shipped to you in a crate, partially disassembled. They included all the tools you would need to fully assemble the bike, along with detailed instructions, and an owners manual.