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1985 Kawasaki Eliminator Only 53 miles on Odometer

I am listing this bike for a customer. It was his fathers bike, who has since passed away. The bike sat for quite awhile. The brakes have been completely rebuilt . The fuel tank was cleaned  and sealed, so there will be no rusting issues. The carburetors were cleaned, and NOS Kawasaki rubber air cleaner to carburetor boots were fitted. Oil was changed, and new plugs installed. The bike runs perfect. The owner is currently working out title issues, to obtain a clear title. This may be the lowest mileage Eliminator anywhere! If interested, I can put you in touch with the owner.

1960 and 1963 Triumph T20 Tiger Cubs

These 2 bikes were delivered by a customer to receive complete restorations. These bikes are very uncommon here in the States. In the UK there are still some around. As is obvious, these will require a fair amount of work. But when completed, will be once again gorgeous pieces of early British motorcycle history. I will add photos as work progresses, so stay tuned.

Owner decided to start with the T20S. The frame and engine lower end is completed. Many NOS parts have been purchased, to continue with rebuild.

I am approximately 3/4 through the build on the T20S. The top left photo is the latest. Still some challenges await, but it will be well worth the effort when completed.