Our Projects

We have completed an array of restoration projects. Below are a sample of our projects that we have completed to give you an idea of what can be accomplished. To add yours to our growing number of projects, contact us today!

`66 Montclair

66 Montclair

1966 Mercury Montclair. This was the first car it’s owner ever had. To many years in a storage shed, allowed mice to destroy the interior. The engine and transmission needed complete overhauls. The brakes were upgraded with a new dual master cylinder, and rebuilt power booster.

All rotted brake lines and fittings were replaced. a new stereo system was installed, as well as a custom stitched interior. The dash was left in original condition. No body work was done to the car. With a restored engine and transmission, and new brakes, it’s ready to cruise again.

`69 427

1969 427 390 HP Coupe

This is an original 1969 427 390 hp. coupe. It came from the factory with Monza red paint with red vinyl interior. It has factory side pipes, 4-speed 3.08 rear. Car has been completely dissassembled, and every component rebuilt to factory specs. The NCRS judging manual, and factory assembly manual are constant references to get things as close as possible to the way it looked 40 years ago.

The car was pretty complete whan purchased. The frame was badly rusted. Rather than repair it, a replacement frame was used from another car. Body was completely stripped and repaired. Repaint was with correct Dupont Monza red. I rebuilt the engine back to factory specs.

I chose to have the engine balanced when the machine work was done. There will be over 3000 hours in the car when done. Car is slated to be completed early summer 09.