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80 Honda CR-125 Vintage Motorcycle Restoration (SOLD)

The last year for the CR-125 air cooled bikes.  This one had been sitting for quite awhile, and was in a bad state of disrepair.  Disassembled and restored to perfection.  Pictures tell the story.  This bike was shipped out to Binghamptom, NY to be used in Metro Racing 2014 calendar.  A calendar personally autographed by the model used in the photo shoot goes with the bike.DSC03725 DSC03726

75 Bultaco #135 250 Pursang Vintage Motorcycle Restoration

This bike was completely disassembled, rebuilt and restored to absolute show condition.  Original fiberglass tank was stripped and regelcoated, then painted and striped with original colors in base clear paint.  All chrome was stripped and replated.  All aluminum was highly buffed and polished, including the original Akront rims.  Engine was completely disassembled and rebuilt with new gaskets, seals and bearings.  New piston and rings.  Entire new exhaust system was fabricated to original dimensions.  The correct gas cap is now on the bike.  Did not have it in time for pictures.   The pictures describe the bike better than words.  For more information contact Mark.


DSC04454 DSC04455 DSC04456 DSC04457 DSC04458 DSC04459 DSC04460 DSC04461 DSC04462 DSC04463 DSC04464 DSC04465 DSC04466

71 Ossa 250 Stilletto Vintage Motorcycle Restoration (SOLD)

A rare piece of early motocross history.  This bike was in original but very poor condition.  The original fiberglass was stripped, repaired and gel-coated.  The correct color paint and striping was repainted in base, clear paint.  Engine was disassembled and rebuilt with all new gaskets, seals and bearings.  The entire crankshaft assembly was rebuilt with new rod and bearings.  A new liner was installed in cylinder with new piston and rings.  All aluminum parts were buffed and polished.  Original Betor shocks were disassembled, rebuilt internally and restored to original.  All chrome parts were stripped and rechromed.  All original fasteners were replated.   New exhaust system was completely refabricated from scratch to original dimensions.  Original AKront wheels were highly polished.   A rare and meticulously restored bike, worthy of a museum or someone’s man cave.  For more information contact Mark.DSC04912DSC04913DSC04914 DSC04915 DSC04916 DSC04918 DSC04919DSC04921 DSC04922 DSC04924 DSC04926